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Uncle Function is a NYC-based sketch comedy group featuring Chris Cafero, Russell Daniels, Jessica Frey, Douglas Goodhart, and Gianmarco Soresi.

This is a sketch team of serious actors. This sketch team can act. This sketch team can act the shit out of a sketch. One of the members of the sketch team has booked a national commercial. One of the members of the sketch team only does Shakespeare and sketch. So, you know, high brow. One of the members of Uncle Function will never actually be an uncle. And it isn't because of infertility. 


Just like your real Uncles, we'll make you laugh, cry, think, feel moderately uncomfortable, and then send you back to your parents forever changed.


Chris Cafero

The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, and Rolling Stone all agree: They have no words to describe Chris Cafero. Chris is an actor, writer and comedian living and working in NYC. He attended college at George Washington University and New York University. Chris has studied with Joan Rosenfels, Ted Sluberski, Susan Terry (Voice), the Washington Improv Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade (Advanced Studies Program). Select credits include The Night Of (HBO), Billions (ShowTime), As The World Turns (CBS), and The Awesome 80's Prom (Off-Broadway). You can see him performing in comedy clubs across the city and hear him on the radio with national ads for Staples, AT&T, DirecTv, and Coca-cola.  <3 Core4

Russell Daniels

Uncle Russell took three Buzzfeed quizzes this week: He’s Eddie the dog from Frasier, a font snob and definitely a Dorothy. Check out his web series at www.thisismyroommate.com. He’s well liked and respected amongst the other uncles. 

Alex Fast

Alex Fast actually isn't an uncle anymore. But he was our founder father and we definitely pray to a shrine of his boxers and stuff before every show.

Jessica Frey

Jessica Frey is a woman. Jessica Frey is a serious actress. Jessica Frey isn't a real uncle and will never be one. But Jessica Frey loves laughter and beaches and books and giggles and puppies and getting PAID. Just kidding. She went to NYU TISCH and studied acting at Atlantic. She was just in BEDLAM's Sense & Sensibility and produced her own webseries, BASIC WITCH. She's done some other stuff too. Check out her website.

Douglas Goodhart

Douglas Goodhart is all about the money. You know, dollar (dolla) bills. That’s why he decided to go to the Boston Conservatory to study Musical Theater. An investment that would repay itself .00005 fold (Get that money)!! After working as an actor for more than 8 years in the most expensive city on the planet making a thousand dollars annually (yeah BOI!!), He decided he wanted more $$. That’s why he formed a soul/funk band called Douglas and The Goodharts. Obviously choosing soul/funk because it’s the most lucrative style of music (all the kids are going crazy for it).  After making hundreds of dollars (!) in the music business, Douglas set out to conquer yet another remunerative venture. The high stakes, grab-the-money-and-go world of sketch comedy. What’s next for this business tycoon? Only time will tell. When asked, “What’s the secret to getting rich fastand staying rich?" He replied with only two words… “Theater School.” 


Checkout Douglas and The Goodharts at Dghsoul.com and learn more about Douglas at his website.

Gianmarco Soresi

Gianmarco Soresi's obituary will undoubtedly start with "that guy from all those damn General Electric commercials" but he swears he's done other things including stand-up comedy (Caroline's, Gotham, SeeSo's New York's Funniest), writing (Matza PizzaAn Actor Unprepared, Less Than 50% Off-Broadway at the Soho Playhouse), and a recurring role as Reporter #2 on CBS' Blue Bloods. 



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