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Uncle Function is a NYC-based sketch comedy group featuring Chris Cafero, Russell Daniels, Jessica Frey, Douglas Goodhart, and Gianmarco Soresi.

This is a sketch team of serious actors. This sketch team can act. This sketch team can act the shit out of a sketch. One of the members of the sketch team has booked a national commercial. One of the members of the sketch team only does Shakespeare and sketch. So, you know, high brow. One of the members of Uncle Function will never actually be an uncle. And it isn't because of infertility. 


Just like your real Uncles, we'll make you laugh, cry, think, feel moderately uncomfortable, and then send you back to your parents forever changed.


Chris Cafero

Chris is an actor, writer and comedian in NYC. He recently filmed a recurring role in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes Netflix series Inventing Anna.  Other select credits include: The Other Two (Comedy Central), Chicago Fire (NBC), Bull (CBS), Billions (Showtime), The Night Of (HBO), Billy Crystal’s Have A Nice Day (Off-Bway) and The Awesome 80's Prom (Off-Bway). For the past three years, Chris has been one of the voices of McDonald’s on TV and radio. In addition to Uncle Function, Chris can be seen performing on UCB Theater’s Maude Night, and in shows and clubs through-out NYC.

Russell Daniels

Uncle Russell is an actor/comedian in NYC.. He has an MFA in acting from the University of Houston and was previously a member of UCB Theaters Maude Night. He's performed off-broadway in Awesome 80's prom & That Bachelorette Show and when he's not doing silly sketch comedy or auditioning for terrible commercials he sometimes does Shakespeare (American Shakespeare Center, Nebraska Shakespeare). Russell is currently co-hosting a podcast with his fellow uncle & dear friend, Gianmarco Soresi called The Downside w/ Gianmarco Soresi (Gianmarco wouldn't let him include his name in it).

Jessica Frey

Jessica is an actor and sometimes writer in NYC. She was most recently seen in several zoom readings. But then again, who wasn't? Pre-pandemic, Jessica created and starred in the webseries, "BASIC WITCH". Other fun credits include: "The Characters” (NETFLIX), Sense & Sensibility* Off-Broadway and at A.R.T with BEDLAM; Clown Bar*, and Giant Killer Slugs with Pipeline Theatre Company (*NYT Critics’ Pick).

Douglas Goodhart

Douglas Goodhart is an Actor, Comedian and Multi-instrumentalist based in NYC. As a writer he is a founder of Uncle Function, A sketch comedy show featured in Time out and the New York Times. He also Co-Created and starred in We Put The Spring in Springfield: The Music of the Simpsons, an Award winning cabaret show. Stage credits include; Bachelorette show (off Broadway), British Invasion (Papermill), Once, Jekyll And Hyde, Urinetown. TV credits include; "North Palm Wrestling" (MTV)

Gianmarco Soresi

Gianmarco Soresi's obituary will undoubtedly start with "that guy from all those damn General Electric commercials" but he swears he's done other things including stand-up comedy (Caroline's, Gotham, SeeSo's New York's Funniest), writing (Matza PizzaAn Actor Unprepared, Less Than 50% Off-Broadway at the Soho Playhouse), and a recurring role as Reporter #2 on CBS' Blue Bloods. 




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