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Gearing Up

We are frantically gearing up for our next show (The PIT Underground, January 27th at 7:30pm, folks!), and I do mean FRANTIC. "Call the New York Times!" shouts Uncle Gianmarco over the din of paying theater goers at Signature Theatre's cafe as Uncle Chris makes a particularly good joke, "He said the butt AND the cologne!" All the uncles laugh uproariously and then a hushed moment falls over us all. We look into each other's eyes: every uncle gazes into every other uncle's eyes all at once and we realize, "Wait, how did we do that?" and secondly we realize, "We are one. We are one uncle."

The show's going to be great guys. January 27th. The PIT Underground. 7:30pm. That's a Friday. Yes, that's right. And you should come.

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